Geneva has a population of over Two hundred thousand citizens. The area of the city covers 17.7 square kilometres. Geneva is a city Popular among foreign and local tourists alike. Geneva is the Hub of the French-Speaking section of Switzerland, the 2nd most populated city in Switzerland. Zurich has a more significant population. Geneva is an essential Diplomatic centre; various international organizations call the city of geneva home, including several united nation agencies. There are summer and winter Sports Pursuits for the adventure in Geneva. During the summer, many people go paddle boating on the calm water of lake Geneva. Wakeboarding and WindSurfing on the lake are also popular in the summer. Geneva is home to several Luxury International hotels.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF, along with our authors, has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

Architects in Geneve - Top 65 Architects in Geneve - Sheet1

ABC architectes SA

Scope of services: Education, Residential, cultural, Commercial, Tous, Sport
Types of Built Projects: College, Palace, School, Restaurant
Locations of Built Projects: LRue Cherbuliez, Geneva
Style of work: According to client requirements

The ABC architects SA was founded on 2/12/2013. This firm is managed by two persons, Alain Beaugheon and Cédrick Beaugheon.

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Residential project_©

AGG Architecture SA

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior design
Types of Built Projects: VILLA
Locations of Built Projects: Rue Saint-Victor, Carouge
Style of work:  Precision, Refinement And Elegance

AGG Architecture SA was founded in 2014 by Jérôme René Adrien Garel .  Its legal headquarters is Located in Carouge, GE. AGG Architecture SA has five employees at this location.

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Andrea Calanchini Architecte

Scope of services: Architecture, Urban Planning And Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Villa, Building, School
Locations of Built Projects: Grand-Saconnex, Carouge, Plan-les-Ouates
Style of work: Architectural and engineering activities

Andrea Calanchini Architecte was created in 2007. They work on many projects, Both Public and Private or associative. It has many achievements in new construction, renovation, and sometimes significant technical constraints.

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Apple Tree Farm _©

apaar sàrl 

Scope of services: Building Context, Resource Territory, Infrastructure And Landscape  
Types of Built Projects: Museum, School, Park And Boardwalk
Locations of Built Projects: Neuchâtel, NE, Monthey, VS
Style of work: modest, lively, in relation to our geographical, spatial and social environment.

Apaar sàrl is part of the Engineering, Architectural and Related Services Industry. Apaar sàrl work culture is based on a holistic approach.

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Architecture et Urbanisme Broennimann SA

Scope of services: Architecture, Town-Planning, Consultancy and Valuations
Types of Built Projects: Plans for cities and towns.
Locations of Built Projects: Genève, Suisse.
Style of work: Urban planning

The AUB SA has unique quality services in urban planning, architecture, expertise, and consulting.

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Town Planing _©


Scope of services: renovation and rehabilitation of old houses classified as heritage.
Types of Built Projects: House, villa, pavilion, apartment, chalet, castle, loft, main or secondary residence, rental investment
Locations of Built Projects: Acacias Geneva, Rue Ferrier, Vaud
Style of work: wide range of services related to the field of architecture.

They provide a unique style of architecture. They specialize in rehabilitating old houses classified as heritage and renovation.

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Villa Renovation_©

Atba SA

Scope of services: Architecture, healthy housing, the environment and renewable energies
Types of Built Projects: House , Apartments , Urban Farms, School
Locations of Built Projects: Versoix, Plan-les-Ouates , Lullier.
Style of work: Architectural and engineering activities

Stéphane Fuchs founded Atba SA in 1999; He registered this firm in 2008 as a public limited company. They have a team of draftsmen, architects, construction technicians and economists, thermal engineers and a secretariat.

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398 lullier renovation et vegetalisation des toitures_©

Atelier Archiplein Sàrl

Scope of services: Architecture, Urban planning
Types of Built Projects: Hotel, Building, Villa
Locations of Built Projects: Anhui, China, Shanghai, Paris.
Style of work: Context based

Atelier Archiplein was founded in Shanghai (2008), but it’s now based in Geneva; Atelier Archiplein has two Founders, Francis Jacquier and Marlene Leroux.

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Atelier Hermès SA

Scope of services: Commercial, Residential and Training
Types of Built Projects: Cafes, Restaurants and Apartments
Locations of Built Projects: Geneva
Style of work: They develop ideas for you through sketches and virtual models

Patrick Hermesin founded ATELIER K ARCHITECTES ASSOCIES SA in 1965. They design the project using detailed 2D/3D surveys, 3D animated films, sketches, execution plans and furniture prototypes.

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Residential Project ©
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